Two And A Half Strings“ is a young bluesrock-band from Trier in Germany. The four musicians – Fabian, Sebastian, Tobias and Benjamin – succeed to combine influences of many different genres to develop their own musical sound.

The band was founded in April 2014 by the two Klimasch-brothers, and within only three months they arranged an exceptional cover-program including their idols like John Mayer, Henrik Freischlader or Stevie Ray Vaughan. But soon they started writing their own songs due to their love of improvisation. In March 2015 their compositions were released on their first album “Hypocrites Ain't Loyal”, which meanwhile is even broadcasted on an online radio station “BluesRockCafe” in Hamburg.

Their second studio album "Act of Grace", which also consists of eight compositions, is now available at the shows and the online shop.

In 2018 “Two And A half Strings” are back on stage again, giving numerous concerts in and around Trier.

stay tuned ☺!